Hello, we are The Geese

Hello Friends!!!


Christmas is coming and we decided to give a special Xmas gifts this year. How can you have it?

We have a simple question for all of you:


What is the name of the single recorded at Lille Gard Studios in Kelowna, BC?


Write your answers by using this contact form below.


On 25 December we will choose the winner and we will contact the lucky one. Our awards are supported by xmasgiftsforher.ca – a website with awesome Xmas gift ideas for her.




The New Album is Here!!

the geese album

The New Album is now officially out. You can buy it from here
Here some songs from our track list

The Geese live at Streaming Cafe “Eco-Terrorist”

The Geese “Cola Cans”

The Geese – “Grace”

Hello all our geesie friends

Just wanted to give a brief update, on where things are at, over here in goose land. We’ve all stumbled our various ways back to Canada, after having such a good time in the UK. So many wonderful folks over there, it makes you wonder how we ever managed to leave.

And now, we have put the final, definitive, finishing touches on the new album, which will be ready very shortly! Not to honk our own horns (or beaks, if you prefer), but we’re quite proud of our efforts, and really hope that you will find them meaningful and inspiring.

With the album done, there’s only one thing left to do, and that is to carry it across the entire span of Canada. And so, beginning October 11th, that is just what we will do. To Halifax and back!!! We’re very excited to see all of you. VERY EXCITED. You can check out our various dates here on the ol’ website, or take a look at our facebook tour event page, (here) and come on out!

So, as we get ready to leave our cosy homes and climb into a van, that will soon smell of onion sandwiches and ginger ale, think of us, because we will think of you!

Stay tuned for the latest news about the album release! Wahhhooooo!!!!!


Well, the UK tour has come to an end and what can we say? We’re flabbergasted, and in more ways than one. We’re
flabbergasted at the amazing hospitality we’ve been shown by everyone who gave us a floor to sleep on, at the gracious
responses of those who liked what they heard, and at how much ghastly flabber we’ve accrued since getting in the habit of
enjoying real ales every day. Oh, yes. We tapped in.

It was a great privilege to get to contribute to the wildness of the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. We played a couple of times
on the Royal Mile in the midst of all the madness, and that was definitely an experience to remember. After some more
shows in Reading, London, Bolton, and Glouster, we admitted ourselves into the social hospital that is the Greenbelt Festival.
We loved getting to play in the same vicinity as Ron Sexsmith, Billy Bragg, and Kate Rusby. Other new-found loves include
Dizraeli and Chasing Owls. We finished things up with shows in York
and Swindon (yes, Swindon. And we had a lovely time, thank-you very much).

Joel M, Dave and Zoe are currently re-nesting in Vancouver, while Zach continues to tour with his duo and Andrew in Germany and Switzerland. And Joel G is getting in touch with his love for
the finer things in Italy.

We’ll keep you updated as the Fall 2011 Cross-Canada Tour continues to blossom and develop, like Dave’s beard on a good
day. (Each time we book more shows, his beard actually triples in weight!)

Stay tuned.

The UK continues!!!

Hello, birds of our feathers! We have just lived through one incredibly diverse week of rock and roll. It all started at the Felton Village Hall, where we met some wonderful folks. Then, due to the fact that we needed to wait for 2am to roll around and pull the tide off the road to Lindisfairne, we got to pay a visit to the mother house of the Northumbria Community! We sang songs and were awed by impressive impressions of Kermit long into the night.